International Conference on Research Advances in Additive Manufacturing held in Nanjing

    International Conference on Research Advances in Additive Manufacturing (RAAM 2019) was held in Nanjing on March 3-5, 2019. Professor Dave Bourell from the University of Texas at Austin, the chairman of International Solid Freeform Fabrication(SFF) , took the chair of academic committee, and Professor Liao Wenhe, NJUST Vice President, took the chair of organization committee.

    Top experts in this field from both overseas and in China have been invited to give keynote speeches. The invited experts include:

    Professor David Bourell, the inventor of the selected area laser sintering (SLS) 3D printing technology, and metal laser.

    Professor Jean-Pierre Kruth, the American additive manufacturing technology roadmap development expert.

    Academician Wang Huaming, the first prize winner of  National Technology Invention.

    Researcher Wang Guoqing, Deputy Dean of China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology.

    Professor David Bourell, Macdonald Eric and Chee Kai Chua, chief editors of three top international journals attended the conference.

    In addition, experts and scholars of this field from the world's top research institutes , such as Catholic University of Leuven, Austin University, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, Manchester University, University of Hamburg, and University of Tokyo, also attended the conference.

    2 best papers and 6 best oral presentations were to be announced on the afternoon of March 5th.

    The conference provided an international exchange platform on which young scientists had access to face-to-face discussions with top international experts. It will help solving bottleneck problem in the research and pushing forward application of additive manufacturing technology in China.

    In the future, the “International Conference on Research Advances in Additive Manufacturing (RAAM)” will be developed as an annual conference, which could be as important as “SFF International Academic Conference”. It could provide constructive advice for related technologies and industries, helping to solve the major problems in additive manufacturing technology.