NUST Kicks off “Excellent Project” to Attract Young Talents


Young teachers are the reserves and new force of campus talent team, which greatly affects the future of university development. In order for NUST to implement the talent development strategy proposed on the NUST talent working conference and the boosting program for young teachers’ growth put forward at the 11th NUST congress of party representatives, NUST officially launched a “Program for Young Principal Investigators” aiming to recruit excellent young scientists recently.


According to the project, NUST intends to select about 100 excellent young talents who should be less than 35 years of age (Applicants majoring in Intellectual Property and Humanities and Social Sciences could be less than 38 years of age.), have a Ph.D. degree awarded by well-known universities home and abroad within the last 10 years and have made outstanding academic achievements recognized by peers. Emphasis will be put on the applicants’ academic potential under the international selection mechanism combining the recommendation of experts and the judge of peer experts at home and abroad through communication of letter. Annual salary of the Tenure Tracking professor will be 300 thousand RMB with employment term for 3 years (If a person who is already hired by our university gets this position, besides the regular salary equal to a normal professor, additional annual 50 thousand RMB subsidies will be provided). In addition, NUST will draw up individualized nurturing plan, support the future professors to form academic team, and preferentially recommend them to apply for various talent projects and all kinds of national fundamental research programs. All these favorable conditions aim to nurture the young talents to become the university’s academic leaders, so as to lay a solid talent foundation for the development of NUST.


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Date: 12/9/2013

By: Jeremy