Calls for Application for Tenure Track Professor Positions(NUST)


I. General Information

Nanjing University of Science and Technology (NUST) is one of the national key universities under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The university has sixty years of experience in providing inspiring and broadened-horizon education at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. It is now a multi-disciplinary university comprising science, engineering, liberal arts, economics, business, management, law and education. Following the motto of Unity, Dedication, Truth and Innocation, NUST is commited to the well-being of Chinese society and to the world develop.

With the talent development strategy, NUST has launched a “Program for Young Principal Investigators” aiming to recruit excellent young scientists to push forward the NUST development. This year we provide 20 tenure track (TT) professor positions for young scientists. Please read the following application guidelines and we are expecting your application call.



II. Research and Education Areas

Mathematics, Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Optical Engineering, Automation, Computer Science and Engineering, Energy and Power Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Environmental and Biological Engineering, Economics and Management, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Intellectual Property.

Position: Tenure Track (TT) Professor, 20 positions

We are seeking young scientists who have conducted research in the above fields.

III. Application Guidelines

3.1 Qualifications

1. The applicant should be less than 35 years of age at the point of January 1st of the application year (Applicants majoring in Intellectual Property and Humanities and Social Sciences could be less than 38 years of age.).

2. Applicants must have a Ph.D. degree awarded by world well-known universities overseas or domestic top universities within the last 10 years.

3. Applicants should have research experience in the above-mentioned research areas, and have made outstanding academic achievements recognized by peers.

4. Applicants should have broadened academic vision and innovative thinking, be able to work independently and be highly motivated in pursuit of original and innovative research in their own areas of interest with highly academic potential in the related fields.

5. Full-time is compulsory.

3.2 Research environment and other support systems

To enable the TT professors to develop all-round academic capabilities, NUST will offer research environment as well as support and opportunities to engage with postgraduates and undergraduates.

1. Research environment

During TT term, a TT professor belongs to a respective school. The school will provide specific measures to assist the TT professor’s academic growth. Dedicated research space will be provided to the TT professor and the TT professor is encouraged to set up his or her own research group.

The TT professor will have access as a user to all experimental equipments that have already been set up in the University.

The TT professor will have priority to be recommended to apply for national fundamental research programs or talent programs.

2. Participation in education

The TT professor will be involved in the education of undergraduates and postgraduates so as to gain teaching skills and experience.

The TT professor will be qualified to supervise doctorate or master candidates who wish to study with the TT professor.

3. Salary and other conditions

(1) Annual salary of the TT professor will be 300 thousand RMB. Medical insurance, pensions, unemployment insurance and work-related injury insurance will be covered by the University in accordance with the relevant legislation. If a person who is already hired by our university gets this position, besides the regular salary equal to a normal professor, additional annual 50 thousand RMB subsidies will be provided

(2) Term of employment: 3 years.

(3) Evaluations: Research progress and achievements against the established goals will be evaluated every year (annual evaluation) by the respective school, and at the end of the third year (tenure examination) by the University. The TT professors demonstrating, in the tenure examination, excellent scientific achievements that meet the criteria for the appointment of tenured professors of the University will be promoted to tenured professors in the respective school of the University.

(4) Evaluation criteria: Annul evaluation criteria includes (a) self-evaluation of achievements towards goals being established at the time of appointment, (b) leadership and research networking, (c) independence, including the status of funding from sources outside the University, (d) publication records, (e) internationality, and (f) teaching skills for undergraduates and postgraduates.

Final evaluation criteria includes progress/improvement since the interim evaluation of (a)-(f), and (g) future potential (including your perspective how to contribute to the future of NUST).

(5) Safety net: If a TT professor is judged as “unsuitable for the tenured professor”, he or she is given one more year in our university for his or her job hunting, or is employed as an assistant/associate professor.

3.3 Application documents

1. Application Form

Download the application form and complete it.

(At the end of this page)

2. Reprints of representative publications (5 articles or less).

3. Letters of recommendation from 3 referees (One page for each is appropriate.)

4. Other supplementary materials required.

3.4 How to apply

Please send your application documents in PDF format by e-mail to the Division of Human Resources (see the e-mail address in Section 3.6). When submitting documents, please put the following in the subject line: “Application for a TT professor position”. If you fail to receive the e-mail confirmation receipt of your submission within 3 working days, please notify us. The confirmation receipt of application documents is usually made by e-mail within 3 working days.

Recommendation letters should be sent directly to the Division of Human Resources from referees by post or email (to the address specified in Section 3.6).

Your personal information is protected under the Chinese law and the rules of the University. Further inquiries may be made from our office, if necessary, during the selection period.

Application documents will not be returned.

3.5 Selection schedule

The “Program for Young Principal Investigators” is conducted in next five years. We receive the applications twice each year.

1. Closing date for submission of application documents by e-mail: 5:00 pm, 31 March or 31 August of each year (China Standard Time)

2. Closing date for submission of letters of recommendation by post or email: 15 April or 15 September of each year

3. First screening involving review of documentation and recommendation of the school academic committee: before the end of April or September of each year.

4. Second screening involving interviews and seminar presentations: before the end of May or October of each year.

Note for applicants attending the interview: Travel expenses incurred (using the most economical means of transportwill be reimbursed.

5. Final selection: late June or November of each year.

6. Starting date: July 1 or January 1 of each year.

3.6 Contact information for application submissions and inquiries

Ms. Meng Yang and Mr. Xu Ning

Division of Human Resources

Nanjing Universit of Science and Technology

Xiao Ling Wei 200, 210094, Nanjing, P.R. China

TEL: +86-25-84316943

FAX: +86-25-84316943

E-mail: and xn@

Communication by email is preferred.

*Please note that we are available only on business days.


Application form for a Tenure Track Professor: Application for a TT professor.doc