Department of Applied Chemistry

Department of applied chemistry has been organized in 1953. The department consists of 7 laboratories, laboratory of energetic materials, laboratory of chemical physics, laboratory of ignition and initiation, laboratory of pyrotechnics, laboratory of modern spectra physics, laboratory of electrochemistry and laboratory of simulation and emulation. There are 26 faculties among them 9 professors and 10 associate professors.



General lines of investigations in the Department of applied chemistry: synthetics and analysis of energetic metal complex and energetic compound, thermodynamics and kinetics of thermal decomposition, combustion and detonation of energetic materials, ignition and initiation technology, pyrotechnics and pyrotechnic effects, airbag technology, spectra remote sensing technology, laser physics and chemistry, simulation and emulation of chemical system, micro chemical system and chemical chip, electrochemical corrosion and anti-corrosion.


The department has the degree educations of B.Sc. in “Special Power Engineering and Pyrotechnics”, M.Sc, M.Eng. and Ph.D. in “Military Chemistry and Pyrotechnics” and “Applied Chemistry” for students to purse higher education and provides them  with higher faculties and modern equipments. The department cooperates and exchanges with universities and institutes in Russia, Belarus, India, Japan, Pakistan and Australia.