The Department of Chemical Engineering

 The department of chemical engineering, originated from powder and detonator specialty of artillery department of Harbin War Engineering College, is referring to chemical engineering & technology, environment science & technology, chemical engineering processing machine and engineering thermophysics. It offers degree educations of bachelor, master and doctor in engineering, and of master in engineering science, also offers academy education and technical training, including a post-doctoral mobile station. It has a National Elite Course—Chemical Engineering and a University Brand Major of Jiangsu Province—Chemical Engineering and Technics.



With a reasonable experienced and innovative teaching & research team, it has nine staffs, consisting of one professor (one doctor mentor), four vice-professors and four instructors or lab assistants. And 78% of the teachers have master or above degree, with three of them have studied in Denmark, Sweden and Japan. There are one teacher, respectively, that has been honored as Chinese Young Sci-Tech Award, State Special Subsidy, Young teacher award from Huo Yingdong Education Fund, Excellent Young Inventor from WIPO, Jiangsu famous teacher, first-group sci-tech research leader of Jiangsu “333”.


The research of the department is focusing on chemical & biochemical reaction engineering, green chemical engineering technology, engineering of air pollution control, purifying process & equipments of industrial burning products and the formation & control of coal-burning pollutants.


The department of chemical engineering has wonderful conditions for teaching and research, with 1500m2 chemical engineering labs and special outlay from undergraduate teaching evaluation & construction, 211engineering and so on. It has taken on more than 30 projects from nation, ministry and province in recent years, referring more than 7,000,000 RMB. It has released more than 100 papers and published 7 monographs & teaching books. It has received six sci-tech progress awards from ministry and province, one national teaching achievement and applied four invention patents. It has cultivated morn than 30 graduate or doctor students since 2002.

The department of chemical engineering is basing upon China and opening to the world. The experiment CAI of chemical engineering principles and the praxis CAI of chemical engineering have been adopted by Wanxi College and Yizheng chemical fiber company. And many self-made experiment teaching systems have been promoted to other universities. It also keeps long-term communication and collaboration with other foreign famous universities, such as Sweden Lund University and so on.