Science and Technology Department of Nonmetalic Materials (STDNM)

The STDNM includes Materials Chemistry Laboratory and Polymer Material Laboratory. The department comprises 5 professors, 12 associate professors, 2 lectures, 4 postdoctoral workers, 32 Ph D students and 46 postgraduate students.


The research in Materials Science and Applied Chemistry in this STDNM has been listed to National Key Subject.  The research of Materials Science and Engineering also has been one of Jiangsu Provincial Top Subjects. The Nanjing Engineering and Technology Center of Nanocomposite stands here. The major research areas: preparation and properties of nanomaterials; functional nanomaterials; nanocomposites; polymer composites and their processing; condensed state of polymers.


Currently, it has been developed cooperative relationships with Lanxing Group, Panda Electronic Group, Wuxi Weifu Group and Hong Kong Meiya Group. The STDNM also pays more attention to the international academic exchange with many universities abroad, such as University of Georgia and Washington in American, University of Regensburg in Germerny, McGill and York University in Canada and Belaussion State University of Transport in Belarus.


The STDNM is carrying out more than 15 research projects supported by National, Jiangsu Province and Nanjing city, and the financial supports are over two million RMB per year. The department has also got many honors as listed “the second prize of science and technology achievement of China”, “the first prize of science and technology achievement of Jiangsu Province”, and has 280 published papers (80 of them have been embodied by EI and SCI), 5 patents in China.