Department of Safety Engineering

Founded in 80th last century, the department was developed from the basic theory and its control techniques on the fire and explosion of weapon system, especially energetic materials, and was formed by the disciplines of explosion theory and application and weapon safety technology. The former had the authority to award Master Degree from 1987, PhD from 1991, and renamed Engineering Mechanics in the adjustment of discipline system in 1997. Under the reciprocal support of other disciplines, it has offered postdoctoral programs since 2000. The later had authority to award Master Degree since 1990, PhD since 1996, and relocated to Weapon System and Application Engineering in 1997. Based on the further expansion on the previous area, our department has offered undergraduate program of Safety Engineering since 1999 and Master program in Safety Technology and Engineering since 2003.



◎Cultivation Scale
─Bachelor candidates: 50~60 persons annually (in two areas of Safety Engineering and Engineering of Fire Prevention and Protection);

─Engineering Master candidates: 20~30 persons annually;

─Master and PhD candidates: 25~35 persons annually (in two disciplines of Engineering Mechanics and Safety Technology and Engineering);

─research positions for postdoctoral staff: 2~3 persons annually.


─8 postdoctoral staffs, more than 30 PhDs and 100 Masters from 2000;

─More than 200 articles in academic journals and conferences, more than 70 were accepted by SCI, EI and ISTP. 7 monographs and 2 translation books published;

─4 ministerial and provincial awards, 2 invention patents, 3 item cession;

─Now, more than 20 items of scientific researches are supported by 973 projects, National Natural Scientific Foundation of China, ministerial and provincial governments and related industries.


◎Faculty and Academic Communication
It has a team with reasonable knowledge and age structure, and high quality of scientific research and teaching. Faculty keeps close academic communication with overseas scholars from America, Germany, Switzerland, UK, Poland and Japan. More than 10 overseas and domestic famous scholars are its adviser professors. Totally 12 teachers work in the department, among them 5 are professors, 4 are associate professors.


◎Main Research Areas
─Safety techniques on hazardous materials and chemical reaction processes;

─Explosion theory and its application;

─Fire prevention and protection;

─Energetic materials and their application;

─Risk analysis, assessment and management.


◎Social Service
Under the lead of chemical school, a service establishment formed by the department and Industrial Explosive Test Center of China was set up, and has been offered national qualification (A level) of risk assessments on the areas of industrial explosives, fireworks and firecrackers. More than 400 items of risk assessments of different enterprises have been carried out. Now its service is gradually expanding to military industry. An award named Yihe is provided annually by the establishment to the students in our department and other specialties.