National Special Super Fine Powder Engineering Research Center of China

National Special Supper Fine Powder Engineering Research Center (NSSPERC) approved by Ministry of Science and Technology of China, was founded in 2002, and checked by Ministry of Science and Technology of China in 2005. It is an affiliated research institution of Nanjing University of Science and Technology. The center’s business scope cover:



1. Carrying out research work in the field of preparation of different special super fine materials and equipment design for military and civil purpose.
2. Performance research of micro or nanometer materials;
3. Research on surface modification of super fine powder; 
4. Composite technology, equipment and application of micro or nanometer materials;
5. Research on safety technology of preparation of super fine powder;
6. Industrialization of special super fine powder technology and equipment.


There are 60 staff members at the center. They include professors and associate professors, senior engineers and post-doctoral fellows. The center has also a number of students including PhD students, Master students and foreign students. The center has a 5000 square meter laboratory and 5 experimental bases. NSSPERC-Malvern Micro/Nano Joint Test laboratory established by NSSPERC and Malvern Instrument, UK has been founded. The center pays attention to cooperation and exchanges with research institutions at home and abroad. By now it has established long term cooperative relationship with some universities and companies in France, UK, Germany, India, Russia. The center has accomplished a large number of R & D projects many of which won awards at national or ministerial level, including one First-class National Advanced Science and Technology Award. Preparation technology of special super fine powder has been authorized by Ministry of Science and Technology of China as a national key popularization plan. It has been applied in over 100 companies of 20 provinces in China. In addition, a production line has been constructed in Marseilles, France and achieved great success.


During the R & D of superfine materials, we always pay more attention to the integration of theory and practice. In the past years 200 research papers and 10 monographs with 3 millions words have been published. The book titled “The Super Fine Powder Technology” won a Third-class National Excellent Science and Technology Book Award in 2001. Another book titled “Micro/ nano Composite Technology and Application” is published in Taiwan.