School of Foreign Studies

The School of Foreign Studies (SFS), formerly the Department of Foreign Languages, has a long and rich tradition of foreign language teaching and researching. When it was first established in 1953, its original mission was to teach foreign languages as well as to undertake translation in the field of science and technology, making it an indispensable part of Nanjing University of Science and Technology (NUST) and contributing to the general purpose of NUST to train engineers and scientists with international vision. In more recent years, it has expanded its mission and placed equal emphasis on language teaching and research.



SFS now consists of 6 teaching-oriented departments, 6 research-oriented institutes and 2 language service centers: English Department, Japanese Department, Department of ESL for Undergraduates, Department of ESL for Postgraduates, Department of Translation and Interpreting, Department of Minority Languages, Institute of Foreign Cultural Studies, Institute of Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Institute of British Literature Studies, Institute of American Literature Studies, Institute of Pedagogy, Institute of Translation Studies, Foreign Languages Training Center, and Language Research and Experiment Center. It also hosts an internationally authorized IELTS training and testing center, and it offers undergraduate programs in English and Japanese as well as three graduate programs, including an MA in English Language and Literature, an MA in Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, and an MA in Translation and Interpreting, the former two approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education in 2003 and the latter in 2009. The School of Foreign Studies is also responsible for teaching English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish and other foreign languages for non-language majors university-wide at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The national official ranking of SFS in the field of Foreign Languages is 68th among all the 608 university-level schools offering foreign languages programs in 2011.


SFS now has more than 400 registered full-day undergraduate students and over 100 graduate students. The number of faculty and staff is 94, among them 27 professors and associate professors and 13 PhDs. SFS also employs about 10 foreign teachers and experts annually as a supplement to the teaching staff. In addition, SFS hosts around 9 guest or visiting professors from home and abroad every year.


SFS has upgraded its international cooperation in recent years. There are an increasing number of faculty members visiting institutes and universities in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Russia, Japan, France, South Korea, among other countries. The School of Foreign Studies has also established degree programs with universities in the USA, Australia and South Korea. And in 2011, SFS launched a TESOL joint program with Sydney University.


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