School of Humanities and Social Sciences

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences was established in 1994. It consists of four departments, namely Department of Sociology, Department of Public Administration, Department of Law and Department of Intellectual Property. Three research institutes are under the supervision of the School, namely, Center of Public Administration and Policy Research, Scientific Policy and Scientific Management Research Center and Intellectual Property Education and Research Center. In addition, there are five management and teaching auxiliary departments, namely Comprehensive Office, Graduate Education and Discipline Construction Office, Student Affairs Office, Liberal-arts Information and Experiment Center and MPA Education Center Office.


The school offers six undergraduate programs, including Public Administration, Social Work, Law, Intellectual Property (second degree), Intellectual Property (double degree), and Public Administration (double degree) and so on. It also has five secondary discipline MA programs, including Sociology, Administrative Management (ADM), Civil and Commercial Law, Higher Education, Intellectual Property and so on, and two professional MA programs, namely Public Administration (MPA) and Social Work (MSW). The Marxist Theory Teaching and Research Department (Marxist Research Department) has built one secondary discipline doctoral (Ideological and Political Education).


The school now has 1,034 students, including 453 undergraduates, 79 students with the second degree and 178 students with double degree, 167 academic MA students, 60 professional MA students and 65 PhD students.
The school now has 53 faculty and staff members, 40 of whom are full-time teachers, including 10 professors (fellows), 26 associate professors (associate fellows), 5 PhD supervisors and 15 MA supervisors.


During the past five years, the school has undertaken a total of 34 ministry and provincial-level projects, including 4 projects on National Social Science Fund. It has also published 714 scientific papers, 206 of which are published on core journals (CSSCI GCJC) 206 articles; in addition, the school has also published 51 monographs and textbooks. 45 of which are monographs. 


Oriented towards training of qualified personnel, and in order to further improve the level of scientific research, the school focuses on building several high-level social science researches and consulting bases, continuously condensing the direction of discipline construction, vigorously improving the level and influence of the discipline construction, and strengthening the specialization and specialty construction of disciplines in public administration, social management and social work and so on, with a view to realizing the historic leap for a teaching and research Institute.


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