Environmental Science and Engineering Department

Environmental Science and Engineering Department currently undertakes dozens of research projects funded by 973 Program, National Natural Science Foundation, etc. Its main research areas include theory and engineering of water pollution control, technology and engineering of air pollution control, solid waster treatment and disposal technologies, theory and technology of environmental monitoring, theory and technology of membrane separation, environmentally functional materials, etc.


The School has rich experience and good performance in the disposal of high-concentration organic wastewater, the treatment of nonbiodegradable organic wastewater, reclaimed water reuse technology, source water protection and supply water treatment, solid waste disposal and recycling, and other fields.


Environmental Science and Engineering Department has a number of patented technologies. By cooperating with many domestic and foreign enterprises and organizations so far, the department has completed hundreds of international and domestic cooperative projects, e.g. Sino-Canada cooperative program. It has also won various national and provincial awards.