Department of Radiation Protection and Environmental Protection

This department has the major of “Radiation Protection and Environmental Engineering” which is of shortage and demand for Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. It is one of the only seven undergraduate faculties which recruit students for the mentioned major. The department has seven full-time teachers, including three persons with senior titles.


The department is committed to fostering senior engineering and technical personnel who have professional knowledge of radiation monitoring, radiation safety evaluation, and prevention and control technology against radiation pollution etc. It provides excellent human resources for national defense industry, nuclear industry and nuclear environmental protection, security assessment of nuclear facilities and other related areas, which will ease the shortage of personnel in radiation protection and environmental protection.


The department currently has more than 50 radioactive analysis and monitoring equipment, including high-purity germanium γ spectrometers, ultra-low background liquid scintillation counters, low background α and β counters, and environmental γ dose ratemeters. It has the capacity to undertake the identification of radionuclides, the measurement of radioactive materials in environmental samples, the monitoring and measurement of environmental radiation, and other scientific research projects.