School of Design and Communication

School of Design Arts and Media at Nanjing University of Science and Technology (NUST) includes two departments (Department of Design and Department of Journalism and Communication), one provincial-level experimental teaching model center (Experimental Teaching Model Center for Art Design), and one research center (Industrial Design Center of Nanjing University of Science and Technology).


It has 41 teaching and working staff members, 11 with academic titles of associate professors or higher, among which 5 are professors and 13 are supervisors for postgraduate students. There are two postgraduates programs: Design Arts and Communication Studies, and one postgraduate program of Industrial Design Engineering; 3 undergraduate programs: Industrial Design, Arts Design, and Radio and TV Journalism, which covers five majors – Industrial Design, Art Design, Visual Communication, Environmental Art, Digital Media, and Radio and TV Journalism.


The school has nearly 600 students, of whom more than 500 are undergraduate students, and the others are postgraduate students.


School of Design Art and Media has an excellent teaching team, which is well-structured, young and active, dynamic and intellectual. The school focuses on teaching and aims to talents development. It has gained great achievements in continuously deepening the teaching reform to cultivate high-quality talents, and actively exploring talents developing models and teaching methods.


In recent years, the school has been rewarded the one prize for the national teaching achievement, one special project program of the humanities and social sciences research under the Ministry of Education, one first and one second prizes of Jiangsu Teaching Achievement, one philosophy and social science project for Jiangsu High Education Institutes, one research project of the provincial social science funds, one provincial excellent course programs and one elite course.


 Industrial Design Program is one of Jiangsu special constructive programs now; Experimental Teaching Model Center for Art Design is the provincial model center for art design, and the teaching team of the industrial design was awarded as the national teaching team in 2010.