Herbert Gleiter Institute to Launch its Research in Nanoscience

Scientists and professors from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology will be in Herbert Gleiter Institute in NUST to initiate its research pursuit in nanoscience to secure a comparably leading position on international and national levels.


On Thursday Professor Herbert Gleiter, whose papers have been cited more than 16300 times with the H factor reaching 62, and the other chief members of the institute held several consultations with NUST in their new offices. On Wednesday an opening ceremony was held at which high ranks from municipal, provincial and state government were present.


Mr. Gleiter and Yang Weize, the Mayor of Nanjing on the ceremony.


Spokesman from the School of Material Science of NUST told to the local press on Thursday that the institute consists of labs including: Nanometer Self-Assembly Structure and Device, Nano-glass and Crystal Material, Material Physics and Computation Simulation.


“Herbert Gleiter Institute is a unique institute because it enjoys high independence. Mr. Gleiter has been accredited with great space to decide the direction of the researches, to hire researchers, to evaluate the progress and to control the budget. We not only aim to publish big articles in high-profile magazines, but stand on the frontline of nanoscience research on both national and international levels,” said he. 


Mr. Gleiter and his team immediately got down to a series of consultation with NUST as soon as they arrived Nanjing. Despite the institute’s operation in the near future, some vital problems are still in need of discussion through which both parties interchanged ideas on the initial annual budget and the recruitment of research assistants.


Prof. Harald Fuchs, Academician of German Academy of Science and Prof. Horst Hahn have been appointed as PI (Principle Investigator) to unfold researches regarding nanometer self-assembly structure and device, nanoglass and crystal materials.


Herbert Gleiter Institute will be directly led by Mr. Gleiter who is in charge of formulating development plans and recruiting PI and their evaluation. Then PI is responsible for the construction of labs, personnel recruitment and scientific research within a project team. The director Mr. Gleiter will make annual report on the research progress and outcomes to the president. The institute has an individual salary system which is also directly handled by Mr. Gleiter.


Mr. Gleiter delivered a speech.


On the opening ceremony, Herbert Gleiter pointed out that Nanoscience is an interdisciplinary research which involves collaboration by chemists, physicists, and material science scholars. He wishes the institute would be as the same as the one in Germany.


Herbert Gleiter is an academician and Deputy Dean of German Academy of Science, American Art and Science Research Institute, Academy of Engineering, academician of Earopean Academy of Science, Indian Academy of Science, and Indian Academy of Engineering.


He first puts forward the idea of nano crystalline solid, creates the scientific research direction in nano-material and promotes the development of nanotechnology. He has published more than 350 papers in such journals as Nature and Progress in Material Science, and 7 books.


By Gao Kang    Nov, 9, 2012