A Part of 60th anniversary at 2013: Introducing Elegant Arts into Campus




Jiangsu theater association brought to NUST a special Zhezi Opera, named Plum Blossom Flying over Campus, which was awarded Plum Blossom Prize. Zhezi Opera is an episode, or a play of an traditional opera. Zhezi Opera of Peking Opera embodies its art characteristics intensively, namely diversified roles of Sheng, Dan, Jing and Chou, and four practices of singing, speaking, playing and fighting.


The following is the program list:

1.       Peking Opera collection: Flying Dragon, Dancing Phoenix, by Nanjing Peking Opera Association;

2.       Zhezi Opera of Kun Opera: Dream Disturbing of Peony Pavilion, by Kong Aiping, winner of Plum Blossom Prize for Drama, and Shi Xiaming, winner of White Magnolia Award for Drama;

3.       Puppet show: Face changing, by Xu Hong, winner of Splendor Award for Professional Theatrical Artworks;

4.       Zhezi Opera of Xi Opera: Dating in the Dream of Snow in Midsummer, by Chen Yunxia, winner of Plum Blossom Prize for Drama, and Pan Hua, winner of White Magnolia Award for Drama;

5.       Zhezi Opera of Peking Opera: The Battle of Hongzhou County, by Fan Yuexin, winner of Plum Blossom Prize for Drama, and Zhou Jian, winner of Red Plum Award, and Nanjing Theater Association.








   The whole performance was hosted by Shi jin, winner of Yue Opera Competition, and Zhuang Li, excellent youth actor of Nanjing Theater Association.


   After the performance, many students and teachers praised it highly. “ It’s a very good performance. The actors have very high skill. Time just flies.” A retired teacher said so to the journalist. The relevant teacher also indicated that this kind of arts will always be invited to the campus in the future.