Domino Says Hi to NUST 60th Anniversary




Four minutes’ domino with 200,000 cards, prepared by more than 200 students for 20 hours, was the special present that NUST students gave to alma mater for the countdown to the one hundred days of NUST 60th anniversary.


This activity were joined by assistant to the president, Xi Zhanwen, director of student affair division, Gong Jianlong, Party heads of schools and college instructors etc. Dominoes were started by director Gong Jianlong. With the falling of dominoes, delicate pictures, smart passes, picture of General Chen Geng, time wall of development, campus complex and brilliant school presentation were showed gradually and separately. The atmosphere was heated as the dominoes ended with the lifting of a national flag and two rockets, which were wishing couplets for NUST.


Four minutes’ domino demonstrated NUST sixty year’s history, and dominoes also carried students’ wishes for alma mater.


This activity was covered by many social medias, like Yangtze Evening, Jinling Evening, Nanjing Daily, Xinhua Daily, Modern Express, China News Press and Jiangsu Education TV etc. Here’s some websites:




  (Translated By Jeremy)