International Conference on Operator Algebras and Applications


International Conference on Operator Algebras and Applications was held in Academic Communication Center of NUST from June 20 to June 23, 2013. Some fifty-two prestigious experts, scholars and relevant students attended the conference. Most of them are world-renown mathematicians: some get presidential award; some are Global experts; some are Chang Jiang Scholars; some are Star of Chen Jingrun, etc.


During the four days’ conference, fifteen experts gave special lectures on the latest research result of different types of operator algebras, and exchanged and discussed deeply with each other. All the attendees thought that this was a high-level academic conference, which, through exchange, let people know the latest research direction, method and assessment of international counterparts. Some mathematicians thought self-adjoint operator algebras were promising for they had the physics background. At this conference, various operator algebras put forward by Professor Ge Liming demonstrated that non self-adjoint operator algebras are promising and powerful, which was proved by Professor Elias Katsoulis’s lecture. Mr. Katsoulis and his partners did research through combining self-adjoint operator algebras, non self-adjoint operator algebras, dynamical systems and number theory. This method showed that math tended towards unity and comprehensiveness.    (translated by Jeremy, from School of Science with NUST)