Principal Wang Xiaofeng: University lets students exert their immense potential




On June 27, China Science Daily University weekly issued the interview with Nanjing University of Science and Technology (NUST) principal Wang in its Face to Face program (FrontPage) by the name of University needs to let students exert their immense potential.

Principal Wang Xiaofeng

Principal Wang persists that university need to provide stage for students’ creativity. The article says, as for how to bring up qualified creative talents, NUST had a warm discussion about how to teach 10 years ago. In fact, this is what Mr. Wang Xiaofeng has been thinking. “ The cultivation of talents should be omnibearing, not only in knowledge, but also in behavior and moral. When digging their intelligent potential, university needs to train other aspects of abilities.”


The article points out that NUST puts emphasis on providing the training of independent scientific research. Early last year, NUST started “BaiQianWan” plan, namely, every year the school would support a hundred key scientific research training program with a thousand teachers’ instructing, aiming to cover ten thousands of undergraduates in four years, which makes that scientific research becomes a regular action before students’ graduation.


“Now, in our campus there is an atmosphere that as long as our students have scientific research interest, we will provide stage and equipment.” What makes Principal Wang proud is that many students research results have formed into patents. “Studying is not only acquiring necessary knowledge, to some extent, it needs interest. Through digging their interests, we then leads them and develop their potential. For they have different interests, we need to firstly provide them a stage and some teachers. It will benefit both of them when they discuss together.”


January this year, Shiyan College of education was set up, which indicates that NUST steps further towards the reform of bringing up outstanding creative talents. These students picking from freshmen will grow in a more free and independent studying environment.


“We aim to exert their potential, and give them a better environment,” Mr. Wang said, emphasizing to give students’ more freedom and space, “No force, just let students choose by themselves. Otherwise, they’ll lose their creativity if we limit their way of thinking, no matter how brilliant they are. So it must be an subtle instruction, not telling students what to do by the strong arm.”


“Our country requires us university of science and technology to bring up socialist builder and successor with comprehensive abilities.” Principal Wang adds, “ apart from these general requirements, we also need to bring up their international vision, for we are training leading personnel.”


September this year, NUST will hold 60th anniversary. You can see the original news in Chinese at the following website :

(Translated by Jeremy)