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2014 Elegant Art Campus Show-Die in Ten Minutes


In just one day, several kidnapping took place. Blackmailees are from all walks of life, and seemingly they have no connection at all. And all of these are done by one person, the blackmailer. The murderer requires them to consider the reason of being blackmail, or they will kill one blackmailee in every ten minutes until they find the real reason. The hostages start to argue. A fight which is going to reveal human personality outbreaks.



Time is passing, and the death sentence is just around the corner. Who can survive the death game?



Place to perform: Academic Conference Center, NUST

Time to perform: 19:00, December 5,2014

Who to perform: Jiangsu Performing Arts Corporation

Hotline for tickets: 84303139, 84315287

Place for tickets: Room 1230, 12th floor, Main Building (before the library building)



By: Jeremy