2015 Elegant Art Campus Show-NO. 11, Minsheng alley


Plot Introduction:

In an old mansion, locating at South Nanjing City, which was left by a KMT official, lived and grew three friends, Sam Ma, Sam Xiao, Sam Yu. Several decades later, when the old mansion was facing a destiny that whether it would be torn down or not, these three old men gathered together for a solution. Later on two flowery girls’ participation made this more dramatic. Ideologies from the two generations vary a lot, and more will be brought on stage.


When to play: 19:00, March 17-18, 2015

Where to play: Multifunctional Hall, Art and Humanity Gallery

Who to play: Nanjing Drama Group

For Tickets, please contact: 84303139, 84315287

You can also go to: office 1230, main building.


Date: 3/11/2015

By: Jeremy