NUST Orychophragmus Photographing Contest


(1)Contestants shall focus on NUST campus scenery, especially Orychophragmus (Er Yue Lan).You can sen one picture or one group of pictures, better with an explanation about the idea. Make sure the picture format is JPG, and its file size is larger than 1 Mb. Please name the E-mail Er-Yue-Lan(二月兰)+ Your Name+ Telephone Number, for example, 二月兰Jason13913913999. And file name shall be the name of your picture, for example, eryuelan and spring1. All participants will get a set of Campus postcards for free.


(2)E-mail address:


(3)Send your pictures before April 15, all of which will be appreciated and examined later that month. Stay alert by then.


(4)Make sure your works are original without post edition and violation of others’ rights.


(5)One will get RMB¥500 and first prize Certificate;

Two will get RMB¥300 and second prize Certificate;

Three will be awarded RMB¥100 and third prize Certificate;

Twenty more will get Certificate of Excellent.



There will be more activities on the 8th Er-Yue-Lan Cultural and Artistic Festival -“Superb Campus, Attractive NUST”. You can visit for more.


Date: 3/11/2015

By: Jeremy