2013 International Nanomaterials Workshop Opens in NUST




On June 5th and 6th, School of Material Science and Engineering holds 2013 International Nanomaterials Workshop with Professor Zhu Yuntian, the dean of the School and director of the Nanostructure materials center, as its president, attending by experts and scholars from China, America, Australia and Russia, who present excellent academic lectures. Professor Zhu Yuntian hosts the opening ceremony. The vice president of NUST, Qian Linfang, gives a welcoming speech and hopes this workshop will succeed, and then Professor Zhu introduces the framework, research direction and operating mode of the center.

The whole workshop has three lecture conferences, with 11 representatives giving special lectures.


Professor Vaclav Vitek, fellow of the American Academy of Engineering, gives a lecture named, Non-planar dislocation cores: A ubiquitous phenomenon controlling mechanical behavior of materials; Ruslan Valiev from Ufa State Aviation Technical University, Bulk nanostructured metals with multifunctional properties; Professor Zhu, Effect of grain size on deformation mechanism of nano materials; Professor Zhao Yonghao, Optimizing mechanical properties of bulk nanostructured 7075 Al alloy.


It’s the first time for the Nanostructure materials center to hold an international workshop. Later on, the workshop will hold annually, and the experts will have a long-term cooperation with the center.

The Nanostructure materials center was founded in July, 2011, with Professor Zhu as the leader and Professor Zhao Yonghao as the executive director. The center is a brand-new open research institute, whose goal is to build a world level material research center and whose main tasks are fundamental research and application research on material science. The center, at the help of advanced equipments, like High-Pressure Torsion System, Material Tensile Testing Machine, 3D Dynamic Optical Strain Measurement, Precision Ion Polishing System, Scanning Probe Measurements System, Impact Tester, Differential Scanning Calorimetry, etc, now has undertaken national 973 projects, projects of National Natural Science Fund and other projects cooperated with other prominent corporations.