Drama Performance Notice


A Mid-summer Night’s Dream by the Central Academy of Drama


Time: 19:30, November 26, 2013

Place: Audience Hall of Academic Conference Center, Road 2

Perform by: Central Academy of Drama

Host by: Department of Art and Culture Education, NUST

When and where to get tickets: Noon,November 25, gates of Xingyuan and Mingyuan restaurants



A Mid-summer Night’s Dream is one of the most famous comedies by William Shakespeare. The drama is quite pure with a simple purpose, which is to bring happiness.


This is a weird yet happy dream. It stretches around elves’ tricks, which seem surprising and funny. Under a soft and romantic moon, in the mid-summer flourishing forest, faeries are dancing around the flowers. Hermia, Lysander, Helena and Demitrius come here because of their unsatisfied marriages. After several twists and turns, they finally hug their magnificent half with the help of the King of the faeries.



Date: 11/24/2013