New Year Revel Notice

        Flowers-Scented Campus: 2014 New Year Art Performance Celebration


Celebrating 2014 New Year, the Department of Art and Culture Education has created a showcase of art performance produced by our students. The whole activity includes a full range of video, magic, games, instrument showing, singing and dancing, etc which will enrich NUST campus life and exhibit the energetic mettle of NUST students and staff.


Activity Theme

Harmonious Campus, Cultural Campus, Vigorous Campus and Dream Campus


Performance Content

Programs like solo, chorus, instrument, language, magic, game, video showing etc. We will also provide on-site New-year gifts and Programs presented by international students.

Performing Time:

12/31/2013 20:00-24:00


Where and How to get Tickets

 2013.12.25-26, 8:00-17:00, Room 102, DACE(艺文馆102室,DACE实践活动办公室)



                                                           Department of Art and Culture Education, NUST

                                                                                  12.18, 2013     

Date: 12/25/2013  

By: Jeremy