2014 Elegant Art Campus Show—Humorous Acrobatic show

Performed by whom: Nanjing Seal Humor Art Troupe

When to perform: 7:30 PM, Sep.15th, 2014 (Monday)
                             7:30 PM, Sep.16th, 2014 (Tuesday)


Where to perform: Audience Hall of Academic Conference Center with NUST


Name of the show: Humorous Acrobatic Show- Dream•餐厅(Restaurant)


Brief Introduction:

Several international friends (backpackers), who have always been dreaming about the mysterious country, China, finally started their trip to China. They entered an incredible dreamlike restaurant named Dream•餐厅, and found that all dreams could be realized in this amazing restaurant, which was filled with happiness. By entering the restaurant, a trip full of dulcet music, beautiful dance, exquisite acrobatics and hilarious jokes was about to start.

For more information about the Nanjing Seal Humor Art Troupe, please visit


Program Menu
Scene One: Kicking Umbrella

Scene Two: Bowl-holding with Shaking Pipes, Individual Silk-hanging, Bowl-balancing on the Head

Scene Three: Traditional Colorful Magic, Hand-twisting Skill, Jujitsu, Humorous Show

Scene Four: Diabolo Juggling, Double Silk-hanging, Flower Terrace


Hotline for tickets: 84303139, 84315287

Place for tickets:  office 1228, 1230 in Main Building.