First Ever Nation-level International Joint Research Center in NUST

Days ago, 15 International Joint Research Centers (IJRC) were recognized as nation-level by the Ministry of Science and Technology. NUST International Joint Research Center of Micro-Nano Material and Technology (IJRCMMT) was the only one in Jiangsu Province that has been elected, and the first one for NUST.


IJRC aims to promote and enlarge the cooperation and coordination between nations and organizations, hence improve the quality and level of our country’s international sci & Tech cooperation. Through the universal mode of project-talent-base system, IJRC strives to be backbone and key power in the work of utilizing global sci & Tech resources, enlarging its outbound influence, and lead the development of intercontinental cooperation. More support and service from all-level government shall be provided for IJRC, making them technology-lead, talent-gathered and demonstration-instructed international platform.

IJRCMMT with NUST was jointly built and constructed by Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Karlsruhe Institute of technology, Germany University of muenster, Russia UFA State Aviation Technical University, Belarus GE Melly National University, Monash University and North Carolina State University. The center aims to create world first-level micro-nano material innovation base, form world top research team and lead the research of nano non-crystalline material and nano-metal structural material; found the innovation stage for micro-nano material from fundamental research to application, make key technical breakthrough;satisfy the needs from transportation and new-energy automobile, uplift China’s international competitiveness of micro-nano material industry; set up the talent training and mobility mechanism, foster outstanding talents with global impact.


Till now, NUST owns nation-level, ministry-level, and province-level research centers, key laboratory and innovation team in the area of micro-nano material.


Date: 11/21/2014

By: Jeremy