2015Nanomaterials Workshop

New material, as one of the three important pillars in new technology revolution ,is considered as the most significant and having developing potential in 21st century.Nanomaterialworkshop ,the international academic conference in the field of nanomaterial, is held in Nanjing University of Science and Technology every year. 2015Nanomaterials Workshop undertaken by Nanomaterial structure central will be held from June 4th to 5th in NUST .


The conference will perform a discussion about the popularity topic and advanced technology in the nanomaterial filed.The meeting has invited many dometic and forein well-knowen experts, academic leaders and senior scientists who will give excellent reports for us .It includs Terence G. Langdon , University of Southern California, Srinivasan G. Srivilliouthur,University of North Texas, Michael J. Zehetbauer University of Vienna, Hongtao Wang , Zhejiang University(浙江大学 )and so on .

The conference will provide forefront scientific developments, predict the developing tendency and new movation ,and it also builds a platform of communication for the scholars, in order to make mutual progress .


Organizor:Materials Science and Engineering Nanomaterial Structure Central

Chair: Yuntian Zhu Prof. Youhao Zhao Prof. Jingtao Wang Prof

Place: The Third Seminar Hall, Conference Center, NUST

Date: June 4 to June 5,2015