782 NUST Volunteers of Asian Youth Games Completed Their Tasks


At the night of August 23rd, 2013, with the awarding of men's 100 meter Swimming Race completing, the second Asian Youth Games Concluded. During the 7 days, NUST volunteers finished their services that were more than 126 hours' work in total with a high standard.


From September last year to August this year, our university's work lasted nearly 12 months, which created many records in NUST.


Nearly 4000 students and teachers applied for the volunteer work, which was the largest number ever.


The selecting and training standards were the strictest ones in the history of our university. The selecting process needed at least four rounds interviews and the training involved 7 aspects, such as English speaking ability, team work spirit, volunteer wokring principles etc.


Our logistical support was the most comprehensive one ever. Cafeterium, supermarket, bathroom, dormitory and hospital in campus were all in position for volunteers when they came back to our campus during their service time.


The service time in a day was the longest which was from 5:00 am to 11:00 pm, even 12: 00 pm.


Our volunteers got the most praises from the organisors, players and medias.


After this unforgettable experience, they would begin their new semester and continue their excellent study.


Below are some links of coverings from medias, Jiangsu Channel and Nanjing Daily: http://www.jstv.com/c/ws/jsxsk/201308/t20130821_1777059.shtml



Date: 8/30/2013

By: Jeremy