Three ‘First Places’ Salute to NUST 60th Anniversity


During the summer holiday, undergraduates of our university attended Chou Pei-yuan National Undergraduates Mechanics Contest, “Lanqiao Cup” National Software Designing Contest and Siemens Undergraduate Industrial Automation Contest under the guidance of teachers, and all achieved excellent performances, which presented a wonderful gift to our sixty years’ anniversity.

Amazing Debut


Chou Pei-yuan National Undergraduates Mechanics Contest which involves almost every famous university in China is a national contest funded by Ministry of Education and has a wide-spread influence.


This year is the first year to set the match of Fundamental Mechanics Experiment, which has only one outstanding prize. It has two parts, task research and experiment designing, whose aim is to train competitors team work spirit and operational ability. After four rounds’ competition, our university team made up of Yu Kelly, Chen Qi and Ren Rui (Instructing teachers: Xu Zhihong and Chen Tao) beat other teams and won the final championship, the only grand prize. The team of Zhou Qiang, Chen Xinying, Tang Kui, Liu Xuesong, Ji Yulei (Instructing Teachers: Liu Changruan, Zou Hua) got the third place in the match of Theory Designing and Operation.

149 students attended the individual match, and five of them won the first prize and second prize under the guidance of Xie Yushu, Yu Chunhua and Chen Aijun.


Best of the Best


After our university held the fourth “Lanqiao Cup” in Jiangsu Province successfully and achieved NO. 1 total score, the national final match was held in Peking University during this summer, which was attended by 1,100 universities, with 20,000 competitors in total.

All of our players won prizes. Xue Bin from School of Computer science (instructing teacher: Yu Ligong) achieved the only one outstanding prize in the JAVA match competing with other national key universities. Wang Jianci (instructing teacher: Yu Ligong) got the first prize with the total score ranking the third in the C/C++ match. Our school’s total score ranked the second, only after Tsinghua University. Because of its excellent match performance and organizing work, NUST was awarded Outstanding University and Excellent Organizer. Xu Gang from Modern Education Center got Excellent Technical Support Prize.


Stand on Mountains


   Siemens Undergraduate Industrial Automation Contest was held in Shanghai this summer with 413 university teams including 1500 teachers and students attending it. Our university got the outstanding prize in the grand final match of Designing and Developing (University). This game is an innovative Sci & Tech activity which is held by Siemens and System Simulation Society of China, funded by Ministry of Education. (Date: 9/2/2013 By: Jeremy )