Gong Huachao, Star of Tomorrow


On September 21st, the final competition and awarding ceremony of the fifth Golden Frog Award invitational tournament for graduation design was held grandly at White Horse lake Jianguo Hotel Hangzhou. Mr. Xu Wenguang, Vice Mayor of Hangzhou City government, and Sooshin Choi, Vice Chairman of American Industry Designer attended the activity. Senior student Gong Huachao, majoring in industry design in NUST stood out from the contestants with his industrial robot and won the prize of Star of Tomorrow, the highest prize of the invitational tournament. Vice Mayor Xu Wenguang awarded the prize for him.

Gong’s design was an industrial robot that could efficiently complete the pavement work for a large square, which not only solved problems faced by manual work in reality, reduced workers’ labor intensity and increased the working speed remarkably, but also brought up corresponding commercial support tactics. The work was spoken highly of by judges at the aspects of designing value, social value, and commercial value and on-site attraction. Gong had been recommended to continue his study in Tsinghua University for his excellent performance in study.



Golden Frog Award invitational tournament for graduation design, which awards prizes for excellent works and provides business chances for prize-winner, is the only showing stage for those industry design major graduates. The competition aims to point out a better direction for these young and talented future designers.



The tournament, which lasted nearly six months, started from this March, selected about 200 works from thousands of graduation designs of all famous universities in Mainland, Hongkong, Macau and Taiwan. After two rounds’ analysis and selection, ten students from Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Shanghai Jiaotong University and Fudan University, etc, were chose to compete at the final stage.


The final competition was carried out at the form of on-site defense with 21 famous entrepreneurs, fashion leading figure, marketing expert and international designers being the judges. They would judge the work from its importance to the society, test student’s abilities in finding and solving problems and self-expressing, explore the potential business value and social value of the work and observe student’s on-site attraction.

Date: 10/16/2013

By: Jeremy