Two NUST Research Teams in MoE Innovation Team Development Plan



Recently, Ministry of Education (MoE) released the list of Innovation Team Development Plan, which included Two NUST research teams, team of Commanding and intelligent control of Land-use Complex System led by Professor Xu Shengyuan from School of Automation and team of Explosion Effect and Engineering Protection of Earth Penetrating Weapon led by Professor Wang Mingyang from School of Mechanical Engineering respectively. NUST ranked first both in MIIT universities and Jiangsu universities.


The Innovation Team Development Plan, which aims to unite and support a group of excellent innovative talents, and to uplift the innovative ability and competitiveness of universities and finally to build up several high-level universities and key subjects, is a national key talent project organized and implemented by Ministry of Education. MoE will fund a sci & tech selected team with 3 million RMB, and a social-science innovation team with 1.5 million RMB. During the funding, MoE will select the best 100 members to go prestigious universities to do cooperative study every year. And after the funding deadline, all the selected teams will be checked by a group of expert inspectors. The innovation teams with remarkable results, great development potential and good innovative atmosphere will get a new round of support.


The following are website links about the two lead researchers:





Date: 10/31/2013

By: Jeremy