NUST Professor Selected for New Century Talents Project



Recently, National Ministry of Human Resource and Social Security released the final list of 2013 New Century Talents Project, Known as Hundred Thousand Ten Thousand Talents Project. NUST Professor Yang Jian was selected for the list and rewarded the title, Expert with Great Contributions.


The recommendation work of the Talents Project was carried out by Ministry of Human Resource and Social Security, aiming at selecting high-level young and middle-aged pioneering talents who stand at the frontier of world science and technology and who lead and support the leapfrog development of national major technology and key areas. The project requires candidates to possess a domestic leading position of academic technology and innovation thinking, to sharply grasp national strategic needs and the trend of world technology development, to put forward strategic, forward-looking and creative research supposition and to lead the research of original major theoretical and practical problems. Five experts in Ministry of Industry and Information Technology were selected for the project.


Professor Yang Jian is the academic leader of national key discipline, Pattern Recognition and Intellectual System with NUST. All these years he dedicated himself to the research of the theory and method of pattern recognition and reached a series of research results with international influence at the field of feature extraction of high dimension and small sample model, dimension reduction and the theory and algorithm of identification analysis. Professor Yang has published about 70 high-level theses at many international SCI journals like IEEE Trans. on PAMI, IEEE Trans. on Neural Networks, IEEE Trans. on Image Processing, Pattern Recognition etc, which have been cited for more than 1600 times at SCI and 4000 times at Scholar Google with the highest cited times 2000 for just one thesis. He won the second-class prize of State Natural Science Award (co-completer) in 2009, Special Government Allowances in 2010 and national Outstanding Youth Science Foundation in 2011.

Date: 12/1/2013

By: Jeremy