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Cultural Week of Saudi Arabia-The Country beneath the Veil


About fifty Saudi Arabian students in their traditional costumes danced beautifully to the lovely music in front of the tents with unique characteristics, which declared the opening of NUST Cultural Week of Saudi Arabia-the Country beneath the Veil on the afternoon of December 12, 2013, which would last five days.



Green flag, white cope, dark veil, red white checkered kaffiyeh…We can deeply perceived the charm of this old nation from these distinctive colors. The layout of the hall was not the common Chinese-red, but Saudi-green, like green balloons, green palms and green flags. The grand opening ceremony of the Cultural Week organized by School of International Education, International Communication Club and Saudi Student club kicked off with the playing of the folk dance. Councilor Saleh Alqasoumi, Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, and Vice-president Qian Linfang jointly cut the ribbon for the picture exhibition.



Inside the exhibition, 70 Saudi students in white cope and red checkered kaffiyeh, forming bright scenery, provided the visitors with sweet and fragrant Saudi Coffee and date palm. In the colorful and exciting hall, a short film covering Saudi history and culture was broadcasting, unique exhibits, like jewelry, hand-made crafts and costumes were on the showing list. Visitors could also learn more about Saudi Arabia at an annular exhibition room, which displayed the geography, royal family, history civilization, economic construction and literature and arts etc. The combination of pictures, words and products deepened visitors’ understanding for Saudi.



In addition, visitors could experience calligraphy and freehand sketching of the kingdom. Two Saudi students designed personalized signature for the surrounding crowds, and two Saudi girls were busying in sketching in female visitors’ hands. All these sketches would show itself with delicate and featured patterns after air drying. Representative Saudi student Fang Shiyu, who was a member of the preparation team, said smiling:” We’d like to introduce the different Saudi Culture to people through a series of cultural week activities, letting Chinese audiences feel Saudi Culture closely with their own eyes. After all, she is not only full of crude oil.”


   Deputy Dean of School of International Education, Zong Jian shared that nearly 1000 Saudi students were studying in China right now, among who 79 were in our University.  Saudi Arabia ranked first in the number of foreign students in NUST because of the growing exchange between China and Saudi Arabia. Through this Culture Week, we hope students can full perceive the unique charm of Arabian civilization, feel the colorfulness of world culture and enhance the friendship between Chinese and Saudi students.


By: Jeremy