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2014 New Year Greetings



Dear teachers, students, comrades and friends,


The year 2013, filled with harvests, has gone far away from us, and 2014 is now walking towards us with hope. On this happy and wonderful moment, we, on behalf of NUST CPC Party and government administration, would like to send our most sincere greetings and best wishes to all teachers, students, staff members and workers, retired comrades, alumni at home and abroad. We would also like to extend our heartfelt gratitude and highest respect to leaders at different levels and friends at different sectors of society who concerned about and support the development of NUST undertaking.


The year 2013 is a year with important and far-reaching significance to NUST development process. The 11th congress of the CPC Nanjing University of Science and Technology committee has been successfully held, which defined clearly the development target and strategy for the next five years and started a new path to construct a high-level research university with unique characteristics. Various activities of 60th anniversary celebration have been held smoothly, fully exhibiting university achievement and characteristics, which became a new beginning for NUST to achieve another glory.


The year 2013 is a year that all NUSTers worked together to overcome difficulties, that NUST made the outstanding performance. The School of Sino-France Engineers and the School of Intellectual Property have gone to the practical construction phase; 973# project and Fundamental Research 973# have made a breakthrough; 4 Ministry of Education good-quality open video courses have been approved; received 11 Jiangsu Teaching Results Prize with 2 outstanding prizes and 5 first places; Academician Lu Ke, one of the first batch of Ten-Thousand project joined in NUST Gleiter Research Institute; Two Yangtze Scholar Special Term Professors, two teachers of Thousand Project, one teacher of Youth Thousand Project, one nation-level teacher of Ten-thousand Project, one national outstanding youth, two national excellent youths were selected; won one National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation; awarded an Outstanding Prize and two First Places at the 13th Challenge Cup contest; Employment rate reached 99.33% and enrolment rate to overseas study reached 46.55% for the graduates of 2013; A group of key construction projects have been completed and put into use; campus environment and teaching and learning conditions have been improved greatly… …


Looking back on the past, glories gather strength; looking forward to the future, mission inspires us forward. New Year brings us more hopes and visions, while also more opportunities and challenges. In 2014, we will open our mind, seize the opportunity, work harder, and push forward the implementation of 12th Five-year plan and tasks specified at 11th congress, continue to walk towards the target of constructing a high-level research university with unique characteristics. We believe, as long as the whole NUSTers are of one dream, realistic and pragmatic, our target will certainly be realized and the future of NUST must be more glorious and wonderful!


Wish all of you a Happy New Year and enjoy good health. May all go well with your work and family. And good luck in everything.


                                                                                 Yin Qun, NUST Party Chief

                                                                             Wang Xiaofeng, NUST President

Date: 1/1/2014

By: Jeremy