Principals’ Seminar: Towards High-level Universities and Innovative Engineers


On the afternoon of September 21, 15:00 O’clock, a principals’ seminar themed Towards High-level Universities and Innovative Engineers was held at the first lecture hall of Academic Conference Center. Some 20 world famous university presidents attended the seminar, of whom from Australian National University, University of Bonn, Germany, Harbin Institute of Technology, University of Nottingham, École Centrale de Lille, Nanjing University of Science and Technology gave their theme reports, sharing experience and targets in running a school with other representatives. The whole seminar was hosted by vice Principal Qian Linfang of NUST.


vice Principal of NUST hosted the seminar.


vice President of ANU gave her speech.


Margaret Harding, vice President of Australian National University, gave a report named Research Innovation at Science, Engineering and Technology, in which she introduced in detail the experience of her University in aspects of subject construction, fund support, international cooperation and up-bringing of engineers etc. She said:” our university is pretty small, but our research carries our own characteristics. From the start of ANU, we focus on Physics, Chemical, Electronics, and always put our center in the teaching quality of undergraduates.



President of UB, Germany gave his speech.


How to optimize the allocation of campus resource, and raise more funds? Both are huge challenges to many universities. Armin B. Cremers, president of University of Bonn, delivered a speech named The Importance of the Third-Party Funds to a Research University. He indicated that many research programs were supported by government, but the third-party fund had been increasing all these years, which was very special for University of Bonn.



Principal of HIT gave his speech.



Wang Shuguo, Principal of Harbin Institute of Technology introduced the historical background, basic situation and special characters of HIT through a speech named Promoting the Construction of University Connotation by Focusing on Internationalization.

Vice President of Nottinham University, Yu Haisui gave his speech,The Experience of Building an International Campus.


Etienne Craye, vice President of École Centrale de Lille, gave his speech, Engineers for 21th Century.


Innovative Ability is the Key to the Education of Postgraduates, Principal Wang Xiaofeng of NUST gave a speech with this name.


Minister of Education of Belarus, Sergey, introduced the education system and its development strategy.


Date: 9/25/2013

By: Jeremy