President of Université Lille 1: Sciences et Technologies Visit NUST



On November 28th, President Philippe Rollet leading the delegation of Université Lille 1: Sciences et Technologies (UL1) paid an official visit to NUST. President Wang Xiaofeng with NUST received French Guests at Academic Conference Center. At the following symposium, both two parties reflected the cooperation and communication work since they established a cooperative partnership at 2012 when they together founded a Sino-France Joint laboratory of Signal and Automation. By that time, two professors from UL1 were invited to NUST to carry out cooperative technological program. And the program, which prepared for almost one year, that brings up undergraduates jointly was about to start. In addition, the two parties exchanged their ideas on the cooperative program of running school of Automation. At last, the two presidents signed the agreement of cultivating dual-degree students.



The whole delegation included Professor François Olivier SEYS, Vice-President of UL1, Professor François DANNEVILLE, Dean of School of Automation and Mr. Nicolas POTTIEZ from Office of International Affair.

Date: 12/1/2013

By: Jeremy