Art & Culture


NUST not only get dedicated in science and technology, but it spares no effort to cultivate students’ artistic interests and cultural tastes.

In 2007, the university established the center of art and culture in the effort at students’ overall involvement into art and culture.


The center of art and culture provides professional guidance and education to our students for nurturing their sense of humanities. It has a distinguished faculty who are purely immersed in art and culture. In this center, programs and seminars in terms of philosophy, literature, poetics, arts, music, and traditional Chinese painting are offered; varied high-level musical concerts, stage plays, dancing shows are held; students’ education here is approaching all-round development. The center has extended artistic education from theoretical possibility to realization, from in-class study to after-class practice.

There are dozens of groups here for you to choose from: folk music, traditional Chinese calligraphy, traditional Chinese painting, folk dancing, orchestral, visual art, martial art, Chinese traditional instruments, etc.