NJUST Students Achieved Great Results in World Finals of the 2019 ICPC

The 43rd Annual International Collegiate Programming Contest World Finals ended in Porto, Portugal on April 4th. The team OEIS of NJUST participated in the finals of this competition. The team member included Jin Liwei, Tian Xin and Ma Jinghao and the coach was Yu Ligong, a teacher from the School of Computer Science and Engineering.


NJUST won the 90th place in the world, and an Honorable Mention in the World Finals. In the ICPC Challenge, which was supported by Huawei before the competition, OEIS also ranked 16th in the world. This is the first time that NJUST has entered the ICPC World Finals, which has set a new record for NJUST.


The competition selected 135 teams from 6 continents, 110 countries, 653 regional stations, 3233 universities and 52,709 participants to enter the World Finals. The Final was hosted by the University of Porto and broadcast live and reported by ICPC Live and ICPC News worldwide.


The ICPC World Finals was attended by 135 teams from universities around the world including Harvard University, MIT and Oxford University. China’s 19 teams included Peking University, Tsinghua University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Three universities of Jiangsu Province entered the finals: Nanjing University, Southeast University and NJUST.


After weekly training and a summer coaching session, OEIS finally won the gold medal in two Asian regional competitions last fall and got the ticket to the world finals.


Students said that the competition also helped them to see the gap with the world’s top schools and to found the way forward. They will continue to work in that direction.


NJUST’s ICPC training team, supported by the Youth League Committee of NJUST and cooperated with the School of Computer Science and Engineering, has been established for more than ten years.


In the past ten years, the team has maintained good performances in ICPC competitions and cultivated many IT elites with the coach Yu Ligong’s great assiduity and the team members’ diligence.