Students from Confucius Institute Achieved Remarkable Results in “Chinese Bridge” Competition

The final of the “12th Chinese Bridge”, a Chinese language competition for middle school students in Belarus came to an end on May 15th in Minsk, capital of Belarus.


Competitors from Confucius Institute, jointly constructed by NJUST and Gomel State University, achieved very impressive results. Saviano won the second place, and Anastasia won the Excellence Award.


12 students from 10 middle schools in Belarus entered the final after the preliminary round. They competed in the three aspects: quiz, prepared speech and talent show.


Saviano scored a perfect score of 50 in the quiz section. In the prepared speech and talent show sections, she shared her own experience of learning Chines. She said that she learned Chinese since she was young and that’s where her dream began.


Anastasia introduced her own understanding of Chinese history and culture, her understanding of the charm of Chinese characters, and her yearning for the magnificent mountains and rivers in China. She also expressed her wish to study in China.


Belarus has held “Chinese Bridge” competition for seven years consecutively. Initially, the Competition was to show the Chinese proficiency of secondary school students in Belarus. It has gradually become an important platform to enhance the friendship between Chinese and Belarusian youths and deepen the exchanges between the youths of the two countries.