NJUST students achieved great success in National English Debating Competition

On March 25, the 22nd “FLTRP Cup”, a National English Debate Competitionwas successfully concluded in in Suzhou. Team of Wei Haiyan, graduate student of the School of Foreign studies, and Liu Hongyuan, undergraduate student of English major, advanced to the national final, which will be held in Beijing in July. They stood out of 109 teams from well-known universities in East China after six rounds of competition, ranked 19th and won the second prize in the East China region.


School of Foreign Studies fully support for the competition. In the preliminary, semi-finals and finals competitions, a teacher of the school, Chen Zhengwu made great effort in organizing preparation. Many teachers and foreign teachers also offered tremendous help. The debate team trained regularly every week, and had one month of intensive training before the competition. The team enhanced the multidisciplinary knowledge and had many pre-competition drills, which improved debaters’ expression ability, logical thinking ability and in-game adjustments ability.


Established in 1997, FLTRP Cup is the most influential English debate competition in China. The competition adopts the British parliamentary debating mode (also known as the World University Debate System).