Professor Harold Fuchs of NJUST Awarded “Honorary Resident of Jiangsu Province”


Recently, the Sixth Session of the 13th National People's Congress of Jiangsu Province approved the proposal that the provincial government grant the title of “Honorary Resident of Jiangsu Province” to 14 international friends. Harold Fuchs, Director of the Herbert Gleiter Institute of Nanoscience (HGI) in NJUST was awarded“Honorary Resident of Jiangsu Province”. This is the highest honor granted to foreigners in Jiangsu Province.


On March 22, Xi Zhanwen, Deputy Secretary of NJUST party committee, and officials of Personnel Department and Office of International Affairs came to HGI to congratulate Harold Fuchs.


Xi Zhanwen appreciated Prof. Fuchs for his contribution to the development of HGI, especially in promoting the development of nanotechnology and cultivating outstanding young talents. He expressed his gratitude to Prof. Fuchs for promoting exchanges and cooperation between NJUST and Germany. He gave the “Honorary Resident of Jiangsu Province” certificate to Prof. Fuchs.


Prof. Fuchs said it was a great honour to be awarded “Honorary Resident of Jiangsu Province” after he received “Jiangsu Friendship Award”. He expressed his heartfelt gratitude to NJUST leaders and the institutions for their support of HGI.


Prof. Fuchs said that the opening of the new building for material science center should be an opportunity to attract outstanding scientists at home and abroad to exchange academic ideas. He wishes that the center’s establishment could help expand the disciplinary development of nanomaterials science of NJUST and make benefit for the “double first-class” construction.