Prof. Wang Zhongyuan Selected as Scientific Chinese “The People of the Year 2018”

The Scientific Chinese “The People of the Year 2018” was announced in Beijing on June 28, 2019. It has selected more than 200 honorary winners, represented by academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Tan Weihong, Wu Lixin, Luo Jun and so on. Wang Zhongyuan, Prof. of NJUST, was awarded this year.


Wang Zhongyuan, professor and doctoral supervisor of School of Energy & Power Engineering in NJUST, is the winner of Distinguished professor for Yangtze River Scholar Award Program, candidate for “the New Century National Hundred Thousand-and-Ten Thousand Talents Project” of the Ministry of Personnel. He is the New-century Academic Leader of “Qinglan Project” and the first-level candidate for the “333 Project” in Jiangsu Province. Prof. Wang is also the winner of the first “Achievement Award for Returned Scholars in China”.


Prof. Wang has long been engaged in the teaching and research of new missile and ballistic theory and technology, ballistic flight control technology and other fields. He has won 26 national defense patents, published 2 monographs, and won more than 20 provincial and ministerial awards. He also won the second prize of 2018 National Technological Invention Award as the first inventor.


The Scientific Chinese annual people selection began in 2002. It has awarded renowned scientists like Yuan Longping, Yang Zhenning, Sun Jiadong, etc.