The School of International Education Holds a Graduation Farewell Party for 2019 International Graduates

On the evening of June 14, the School of International Education held a farewell party for international graduates. Vice-President Liao Wenhe, Dean of the School of International Education Yang Guolai, and more than 200 international graduates participated in the farewell party.


The farewell party opened with the Awards Ceremony for the Most Valuable Students in 2019, which honored the international graduates who have made outstanding achievements in their studies, ethics, cultural exchanges, literary and artistic activities and sports activities.


Subsequently, Liao Wenhe and Yang Guolai made speeches at the farewell party. Liao Wenhe sent his ardent expectations to the graduates, hoping that they will devote themselves to the mutual development of various countries and the mutual prosperity of various civilizations with self-confidence, openness and tolerance.


Yang Guolai expressed his thanks to the professors and teachers who have worked hard for international students' education, and also gave his best wishes to the graduates, in which he wished them create miracles and realize their dreams in their new life journey.


Later, foreign students from Russia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Malaysia, Ghana, Liberia and other countries gave wonderful performances.


Finally, all the guests joined in the party, dancing and taking pictures on the dancing floor with music. The farewell party ended with happy smiles and tight hugs.


This farewell party, in the form of a relaxed and happy dancing party, lays emphasis on the active participation of all graduates. It not only sends sincere wishes and expectations of the alma mater to the international youth who are about to graduate and pursue new dreams, but also gives these graduates a new mission to publicize China and convey Sino-foreign friendship to the world.