NJUST Team Won the First Prize in iCAN International Contest of Innovation Final

The 2019 International Final Contest of Innovation (iCAN) was held on 22-25 June in Berlin, Germany. Nearly 20 scientific and technological innovative works from more than ten countries and regions took part in iCAN, including health monitoring, intelligent sensing, artificial intelligence, unmanned driving, new energy materials and environmental protection, educational technology, and biomedical and other fields.


The competition fosters and strengthens the combination of production, education and research in high-tech field, and promotes the development of high-tech industry with the “confidence, persistence and dream” spirit of iCAN.


In the competition, WHALE SONG team from the X · space Hackerspace (Intelligent Hardware Innovation Studio of NJUST) had in-depth exchanges with evaluation experts and teams from different countries. After a whole day’s road show and the final defense, NJUST team won praise from the judges and the audience with its excellent project demonstration, exquisite technical features and fluent English expression, and finally won the championship with the first place in the total score.


The “Heatshockers” project of Technical University of Munich and the “Table Tennis Shooter Robot” project of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology tied for the second place. The other 16 teams won the second and third prizes.


WHALE SONG team consists of Chen Deyi, Yu Heyi, Lai Shuichang (School of Computer Science & Engineering), Wang Qianjing (School of Design & Media) and Song Xiaomeng (School of Public Affairs). Under the guidance of Ma Yong, a teacher of School of Computer Science & Engineering, the team of undergraduates has prepared for more than one year and developed the “Whale” system. The system aims to realize two-way translation between sign language and voice, and to solve the communication problem between hearing and language impaired people and normal people.


NJUST team won the iCAN China Elite Challenge in March this year and became one of the five teams representing China in the iCAN International Final.