Professor Xia Rui Wins Outstanding Paper Award of ACL 2019

Emotion-Cause Pair Extraction: A New Task to Emotion Analysis in Texts” by Professor Xia Rui and his PhD student Ding Zixiang” won “Outstanding paper award” of ACL 2019 which was held in Florenze on 29-31 July, 2019.  


The paper proposed a new text emotion analysis task and a two-step strategy solution. The paper analyzes expression and causes of emotion in texts and the effectiveness of the algorithm is evaluated


ACL, The Association for Computational Linguistics, is the most influential and biggest academic organization in the field of natural linguistic processing. Annual meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics is the top international conference in the field of natural linguistic processing.


ACL 2019 received 2905 papers and 660 were accepted. The ratio of acceptance is 22.7%. The conference selected 1 best regular paper, 5 outstanding papers, 1 best short paper and 1 best demo paper.


The winners of the awards come from many international distinguished institutions such as: Google Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, Michigan University, Ohio State University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.


Among the awarded papers, Xia Rui’s paper is the only one independently written by an institution from mandarin China. It is also the first one of NJUST wins the award on a conference of CCF A class conference.  


Professor Xia Rui, School of Computer Science and Engineering, Nanjing University of Science and Technology is a member of Pattern Recognition Committee of Jiangsu Artificial Intelligence Society. He has been carrying out researches in natural linguistic processing, machine learning, data mining, etc. He published more than 40 papers in distinguished journals such as: IEEE TKEE, ACM TKDD, IEEE TAFFC, IEEE IS, etc.