National University of Singapore Visits NJUST

NJUST’s Party secretary Xi Zhanwen met with Susanna Leong, Vice Provost and Wei Kwok Kee, Dean of School of Continuing Education, National University of Singapore (NUS) on the afternoon of September 4th, 2019.


Zhang Heng, Director of Office of International Affairs, Chen Xiong, Dean of School of Mechanical Engineering, Chen Rushan, Vice Dean of School of Electronic and Optical Engineering, were present at the meeting.


Xi Zhanwen extended his welcome to Susanna Leong and Wei Kwok Kee. He reviewed the general cooperation between the two universities on academic exchanges and talent cultivation.


Susanna Leong briefed them on the recent development of National University of Singapore, and she proposed the two universities initiate a joint program for postgraduate students.


Xi Zhanwen responded favorably to Leong’s proposal. The two sides discussed the patterns and detailed plans for the joint program in the meeting.


After the meeting, Susanna Leong and Wei Kwok Kee visited Herbert Gleiter Nano Science Institute. The Executive Dean Zhang Yong briefly introduced the overall development of the institute, and reviewed the institute’s long-term cooperation with National University of Singapore.


School of Electronic and Optical Engineering signed an agreement of “3+1+1” pattern joint program with National University of Singapore in 2016. In the years, there were about 10 students were enrolled in this program. School of Mechanical Engineering joint this program in 2018.


This was the time when the idea came into being of pushing forward and strengthen the cooperation between NJUST and NUS through initiating the new joint program for postgraduate students.