NJUST Dragon Dance Team Won the National First Prize

On September 16, the 11th National Minority Traditional Sports Games ended in Zhengzhou. Jiangsu delegation participated in 14 competitions and 7 performance projects, among which the program performed by NJUST won the first prize. 

NJUST’s dragon dance team stunned the audience in the first round and got 9.03 marks. Although the marks were relatively high, the players made some small mistakes and the performance wasn’t perfect. 

In the second round, the players showed more confidence, and the performance was acclaimed by the referees and audience. The performance got 9.13 marks, and finally won the first prize with total marks 18.16.

The NJUST team is composed of 14 minority students and 6 Han students. The members are college students from different departments and grades. 

During the preparation period, the team members gave up their summer vacations for the intense training schedule. They all persisted in training in the hot summer of Nanjing. A number of players were injured during the training, but none opted out. 

The excellent performance in this competition is tied to the concern and guidance of leaders and the hard work of coaches. During the preparation, NJUST leaders paid much attention to the training progress of the dragon dance. They visited the training venue many times to watch their training and conveyed greetings to the coaches and players.