The Confucius Institute of NJUST in Belarus Holds Ceremony for Chinese Books Exhibition

Recently in the Gomel State Library, the ceremony for Chinese Books Exhibition was held by the Confucius Institute of NJUST at Gomel State University. The exhibition will last for 16 days.


The event was initiated by the Confucius Institute Headquarters and organized by the Confucius Institute of NJUST at Gomel State University and Gomel State Library. The related administration staff members, teachers, students of Gomel State University attended the event.


The Director of Gomel State Library expressed her delight of hosting this event. She wished there could be more similar cultural activities between China and Belarus. In addition, she briefed how Belarusian people admire Chinese culture.


Wang Lei, Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute, made a speech in which he delivered his ideas that this event would build a platform for people in Gomel State to learn more about China and Chinese literature, and that the in-depth cultural exchanges between the two peoples had been truly realized.


Vladimir Ivanovich, foreign Deputy Director of the Institute expressed his gratitude to the staff of Gomel State Library and presided the artistic performance of the opening ceremony.


On the ceremony, some Chinese students played traditional Chinese musical instruments, which showed the beauty of traditional Chinese culture. Students of the Confucius Institute also made brilliant artistic programs, including Martial arts performance, Chinese song singing and Chinses poetry recitation, etc., which reflected their strong affection to Chinese culture.


After the ceremony, the local primary and middle school students couldn’t wait any more and began reading the books displayed on the exhibition. At the moment, Wang Lei and the volunteer teachers of the Institute helped introducing the books and explaining the contents to the readers.