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Nanjing, as a historic and cultural city, is the capital of Jiangsu Province and among the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China. In thousands of years’ evolution, the surging Yangtze River has witnessed its own civilization and the birth of Nanjing which locates right on its southern bank. The city is situated in the largest economic zones of the county- eastern China, and is the second largest city in this region after Shanghai.

Nanjing is on the downstream drainage basin of Yangtze River and close to the sea. A golden waterway passes through Nanjing where naturally forms a superb port which has been regarded as the top inland river port. In Nanjing, there has been convenient transportation which includes domestic air lines to major cities and nonstop international lines to places including Frankfurt, Osaka, Seoul, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taipei, etc. It takes only three hours to Beijing by high-speed railway, and one hour to Shanghai.

Nanjing is an important comprehensive industrial production base with its electronic and chemical productivity ranking at the second place, automobile manufacturing scale at the third place, as well as its leading technologies and scale in machinery manufacturing industry. It is also one of the country’s four research and education center cities. With many national-level universities and research institutions in Nanjing, the city has been the most important base for higher education and scientific research.