School of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering & Automation

Measurement & Control Technology & Instruments

Weapon Systems & Engineering

Vehicle Engineering

Industrial Engineering

Aircraft Design & Engineering



School of Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering & Technology

Materials Chemistry and Polymer Materials & Engineering

Special Energy & Pyrotechnics

Pharmaceutical Engineering

Safety Engineering and Bioengineering



School of Electronic Engineering and Optoelectronic Technology

Communication Engineering

Electronic and Information Engineering

Optical Engineering

Electronic Science and Technology

Vacuum Electronics

Information Warfare Technology and Detection

Guidance and Control Technology



School of Computer Science and Technology

Computer Science and Technology

Software Engineering

Network Engineering



School of Economics and Management

Applied Economics

Management Science and Engineering

Business Administration

Science of Library Information & Archival



School of Energy and Power Engineering

Weapon Launching Engineering

Energy and Power Engineering

Building Environment and Power Application Engineering

New Energy Science and Engineering


School of Automation


Electrical engineering

Traffic engineering



School of Science

Information and Computing Science

Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

Applied Physics

Optical Information Science and Technology

Engineering Mechanics

Civil Engineering



School of Foreign Studies





School of Humanities and Social Science

Public Affairs Management

Social Work


Intellectual Property (second degree)

Intellectual Property (double degree)



School of Material Science and Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering

Material Forming and Control Engineering

Materials Physics

Nano-materials and Technology



School Environmental and Biological Engineering

Biological Engineering

Environmental Science and Technology

Radiation Protection and Environmental Engineering



School of Design and Communication

Industrial Design

Art Design

TV and News Broadcasting